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Dialogue with an alien.

Publicado por José Carlos Pelais em 21/02/2017 às 10:22 am

In this book I tell you my experience of abduction during which there is a long dialogue with an extraterrestrial named Asram Shet. Answering my questions, he made a narrative telling our true story. They watch us from the earliest days of human history. He clarified all the facts we find incomprehensible, enigmatic and mysterious.

He said about the pyramids, Stonehenge, Macho Picchu, Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Mayas, Aztecs, the Flood and other biblical facts, the Roswell case, Varginha ET, reptilians, big foot, crops circles, Nasca lines, indigo and Crystal children, area 51, and what will be the future of humanity.

He also explained about reincarnation through quantum physics, the importance of light in the violet frequency, its technology and the navigation system that allows speed beyond the speed of light. He said where they came from, what is the Galactic Federation, and especially what they want and do here.

At the end of the book, I make my considerations leaving the reader with the final conclusions.
Author’s Note: In order not to be labeled crazy and fearing being put into a straightjacket, I say that this is a work of fiction with verisimilitude. Good reading.
Any resemblance to reality is not mere coincidence, but pure intention.

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